NEAR Blockchain Accelerator Mentors

NEAR Blockchain Accelerator’s aim is to bring together early-stage startups that are building on exciting and relevant blockchain-based ideas and allow them the opportunity to learn directly from a cadre of adept mentors. The mentorship will focus on being able to build on the powerful NEAR Protocol, scaling up in today’s fast-moving and ever-changing environment.

To further this goal, Lumos Labs has come together with partners Woodstock Fund and Fracton Ventures to unite a team of subject matter experts who possess the acumen to facilitate a next-level learning experience for the qualifying startups.

Here are the experts who will be…

NEAR Blockchain Accelerator Shortlist-2

We’re super excited to announce we’ve chosen 15 exceptional startups to got through to the NEAR blockchain accelerator Bootcamp. These startups have brought us some exceptional solutions that they are building with blockchain technology and we’re excited to introduce them to you.

What set these startups apart

After announcing Shortlist 1 with 44 startups, we set up interviews with each of them to get to know them better. They were evaluated based on:

  • Need for decentralization in the product’s use case
  • Defensibility considering the size of the problem in market terms and the presence of existing solutions.
  • Traction — what the founding team has done…

The NEAR Protocol and Lumos Labs are proud to announce the success of the first phase of the NEAR blockchain accelerator program with overwhelming participation from 170 startups from across the globe. The program offers up to $200k in funding, mentorship, and technical support to build on the NEAR Protocol. Alongside this, the accelerator also offers Go-to-market support with access to the NEAR ecosystem. Shortlisted startups will also get a chance to pitch to partner firms Woodstock Fund and Fracton Ventures.

Here are the shortlisted startups:

We’ve got some great news to share with you!

We’re joining hands with Lumos Labs — an innovation management startup, to set up the NEAR India Accelerator. India has a very well-renowned developer and startup ecosystem, and we’re sure that we can help this thriving community grow in terms of building innovative solutions on the NEAR blockchain and getting financial and technical support.

The NEAR India Accelerator will be a three-month-long engagement where we will connect with upcoming startups and projects that can leverage NEAR’s blockchain protocol to build solutions for real-world problems. …

As of 25th April 2021, the Indian subcontinent has seen more than 17 million active cases with the number rising exponentially over the past couple of days. In hard times like these, the citizens of India from various communities have come together to help each other in various ways — monetary means, providing necessities like oxygen cylinders, food, free care by doctors, etc.

As the country grapples with the pandemic, several regions in India are in dire need of essentials as well as medical supplies such as oxygen cylinders and concentrators, food, medicines, etc. In order to step forward and…

Write your first Algorand transaction in Python using v2 client

Algorand Code Along for Python

Hello everyone, welcome to this Algorand Code Along series in Python. I will be posting a series of articles on how to code on the Algorand Blockchain framework using Python.

In this series, I will not be describing the Algorand architecture in detail but will be sharing snippets here and there and share links for further reading.

There are three types of networks — MainNet, TestNet and BetaNet. We will be using the TestNet to program and test our programs.

Please install the Python SDK to write the code:

Check if you have installed the latest version

To obtain the…

Write your first Algorand transaction in Python using v2 client: Code walkthrough

Code Walkthrough: Algorand Transaction

Hello everyone, here is the code walkthrough of the Python code to create a transaction using the Algorand v2 client.

Here is the github link to download the code:

Before running the transactions, you need to create the accounts through which the transactions will happen by running the ‘’ file. Once you create the accounts, make sure to fill up some your accounts with some test algos by using the dispenser(copy paste your account address here).

Dispenser link:

Step 1: Import all the libraries. …

Photo by Mari Helin on Unsplash

What is Substrate?

Substrate is a development framework to build your own Blockchain!!! Yes, Substrate comes with different components that you can choose, to build your blockchain for the desired use case.

What is unique about Substrate?

One of the biggest barriers to entry for blockchain development is the expertise. In order to build even a small end-to-end solution, blockchain developers are expected to have in-depth knowledge of several subjects like peer-to-peer networking, cryptography, consensus algorithms etc.

Here is where frameworks like Substrate can step in and create a difference. You can pick and choose elements like consensus, networking and…

Innovate today for a better tomorrow : WWCode CONNECT India 2020

Innovate today for a better tomorrow

Some statistics

According to the WHO research: Every year, there are 4.2 million deaths as a result of exposure to ambient(outdoor) air pollution, 3.8 million deaths as a result of household exposure to smoke from dirty cookstoves and fuels.

91% of the world’s population live in places where the air pollution exceeds the WHO guideline limits.

Some of the above stated statistics might come as a surprise to us because a lot of us are unaware of the drastic effects of the bad air quality that we live and…


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